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From Jan Hlavaty <hla...@code.cz>
Subject Usage of PGP signed messages
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 14:04:49 GMT
I think we should better be using PGP/MIME format for all PGP signed
messages here to improve the experience ;-)

Here are my arguments for the change:

- PGP/MIME does not clutter the messages for non-PGP enabled clients
and web based mailinglist archives with inline -----BEGIN PGP STUFF

- PGP/MIME does not distort patches

- PGP/MIME signed messages do not carry PGP garbage into reply when
quoted by non-PGP aware mail client

- Everyone is using Enigmail anyway which supports it

- Patches are still signed, without putting it into everyones face

Are there any arguments against?

Are there perhaps some patch-extraction tools that cannot handle
PGP/MIME format?

What do you think?

To enable PGP/MIME for account in Thunderbird+Enigmail, go to accout
properties, OpenPGP Security, Advanced button, PGP/MIME tab, and select
"Always use PGP/MIME".
Or you can set it globally in Enigmail/Preferences/ PGP/MIME .
Or per-message using menu Enigmail/Use PGP/MIME for this message.


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