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From John McNally <jmcna...@collab.net>
Subject Re: Clarification of Apache DB Project guideline for submitting docs and patches
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 03:04:52 GMT

John McNally wrote:

> Whether the CLA is a requirement is not absolute, there is room for 
> judgement by the committer(s).  Any donation of substantial new code 
> should not be accepted without a CLA.  A patch that fixes a defect and 
> only affects a couple of lines of code does not require a CLA.
> If you have an individual that contributes many such small patches 
> though, it is not a bad idea to ask that they submit a CLA.
> In general error toward the side of requiring it before the code goes 
> into cvs, but there is no need to be so overzealous that you have to 
> turn away perfectly good bug fixes, that are probably going to have to 
> be fixed in a way very similar to the contributed patch anyway, just 
> because the person that took the time to put together the patch does 
> not wish to sign a document and fax it.
> John McNally

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