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Subject [Db-derby Wiki] Update of "LocalizingDerbyMessages" by RichardHillegas
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2012 17:32:50 GMT
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The "LocalizingDerbyMessages" page has been changed by RichardHillegas:

- == Localizing Derby Messages ==
+ = Localizing Derby Messages =
+ <<TableOfContents>>
+ == Overview ==
+ This page describes how to write and maintain messages which are translated from English
into other languages.
+ == Translatability Guidelines ==
+ Here are some general guidelines for writing messages which are easy to translate. These
are conventions expected by the team which translated Derby messages for the past several
years. Most of these guidelines are common sense rules and should continue to be useful even
if another team picks up the translation task later on. Note that most Derby messages are
defined by xml descriptors in java/engine/org/apache/derby/loc/messages.xml. Further guidelines
for that file can be found [[http://db.apache.org/derby/manuals/messages.html|here]].
+ === Concatenation ===
+ Avoid writing code which concatenates two, independently localized message strings. The
concatenation may make sense in English but come out as gibberish when translated into another
language. If you must concatenate two strings, make sure that they are both complete sentences.
+ === Arguments (Placeholders) ===
+ Derby messages are processed by the java.text.MessageFormat.format() method. That method
plugs values into argument placeholders called {0}, {1}, etc.. When you define these arguments
in messages.xml, give them meaningful names. When you define these arguments in other English
properties files, consider adding comments which will help translators understand what kinds
of values will be plugged into the messages. The following conventions will help the translators:
+  * Put a noun qualifier BEFORE each argument. This will tell the translator what kind of
value is going to be plugged in. For instance, this is a good message: "No such column in
table {0}." Avoid putting the qualifier AFTER the argument, e.g., "No such column in the {0}
+  * All arguments should be nouns. Other parts of speech create translation problems.
+  * Don't precede the argument with an article (a, the), an adjective, or a possessive (your).
These create problems for highly inflected languages.
+  * Don't create arguments which can be both singular and plural.
+  * Never create a plural by appending "s" to an argument. For instance, don't write something
like this: "No such {0}s in table."
+  * Don't use an apostrophe to turn an argument into a possessive. For instance, don't write
something like this: "The table {0}'s columns have incompatible types.
+  * Avoid putting many arguments in a single message. More arguments make the message harder
to understand and translate.
+ === Untranslatable Terms ===
+ The translators will NOT translate the following kinds of terms. Terms which have these
forms are assumed to be keywords or code fragments which don't need translation:
+  * ALL CAPS.
+  * camelCaseWords
+  * wordsthataregluedtogether
+  * words_containing_an_underscore$or$dollar$sign
+ == Derby Message Files ==
  Derby message files are encoded in ISO-8859-1. The reasons for this are explained in the
2010-01-04 comments on [[https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-4492|DERBY-4492]].
  The English message sources live in the following locations:
@@ -10, +48 @@

  ||java/drda/org/apache/derby/loc/drda/servlet_en.properties ||Diagnostic messages from the
Network Server servlet. ||
  ||java/engine/org/apache/derby/loc/toolsmessages.properties ||Diagnostic messages for most
Derby tools. ||
  ||java/engine/org/apache/derby/loc/sysinfoMessages.properties ||Diagnostic messages for
the sysinfo tool. ||
@@ -31, +68 @@

  ||Chinese (Traditional) ||messages_zh_TW.properties ||messages_zh_TW.properties ||servlet_zh_TW.properties
||toolsmessages_zh_TW.properties ||sysinfoMessages_zh_TW.properties ||
+ == Translation Cadence ==
  Typically, as the community develops a new feature release, more messages accumulate in
the English message sources. Those English versions need to be localized. Those localizations,
in turn, typically turn up in follow-on maintenance releases. Localizations are more up-to-date
for some languages than for others.
@@ -48, +85 @@

  "If you have permission from your company, you can contribute them under your own ICLA.
 However, it is better for your sake (not Apache's) that you have a signed CCLA in place that
formally says you have permission to commit stuff that is copyright the company.  Only one
CCLA is needed for all such commits."
- __To test Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)  or (Simplified, PRC) for Derby on Windows 7__
+ == Testing Chinese Localizations on Windows 7 ==
  1.       Setting up the system:

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