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From rhille...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r1095077 - /db/derby/docs/branches/10.8/src/ref/rrefexcept71493.dita
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2011 13:10:27 GMT
Author: rhillegas
Date: Tue Apr 19 13:10:27 2011
New Revision: 1095077

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=1095077&view=rev
[RELEASE CHECKIN] Check in SQLState tables as part of building a release.


Modified: db/derby/docs/branches/10.8/src/ref/rrefexcept71493.dita
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/db/derby/docs/branches/10.8/src/ref/rrefexcept71493.dita?rev=1095077&r1=1095076&r2=1095077&view=diff
--- db/derby/docs/branches/10.8/src/ref/rrefexcept71493.dita (original)
+++ db/derby/docs/branches/10.8/src/ref/rrefexcept71493.dita Tue Apr 19 13:10:27 2011
@@ -2683,6 +2683,10 @@ the corresponding text in messages.xml a
                             <entry colname="col2">Could not instantiate <varname>&lt;value&gt;</varname>
StorageFactory class <varname>&lt;value&gt;</varname>.</entry>
+                            <entry colname="col1">XBM0A</entry>
+                            <entry colname="col2">The database directory '<varname>&lt;directoryName&gt;</varname>'
exists. However, it does not contain the expected '<varname>&lt;servicePropertiesName&gt;</varname>'
file. Perhaps Derby was brought down in the middle of creating this database. You may want
to delete this directory and try creating the database again.</entry>
+                        </row>
+                        <row>
                             <entry colname="col1">XBM0G</entry>
                             <entry colname="col2">Failed to start encryption engine.
Please make sure you are running Java 2 and have downloaded an encryption provider such as
jce and put it in your class path. </entry>

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