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Subject [Db-derby Wiki] Update of "CommandHistoryInIj" by JohnHEmbretsen
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 13:12:10 GMT
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The following page has been changed by JohnHEmbretsen:

New page:

= Introduction =

[https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-1447 DERBY-1447] is a request for enhancement
of Derby's IJ tool, adding a command line history. 

Until this feature is implemented in IJ, users on some platforms/shells need to employ workarounds
in order to enjoy IJ with a command history and other convenient command editing capabilities.
This page is intended to describe such workarounds.

With a full Derby installation/build, you can start IJ by running for example the following
command on the command line:

java -jar lib/derbyrun.jar ij

''Microsoft Windows'' command windows (`cdm.exe` and friends) seem to provide native command
history and editing features automatically when running ij from the command line.

On ''Unix/Linux'' systems, workarounds are usually needed.

= Workarounds =

== Using jEdit ==

Newer versions of [http://www.jedit.org/ jEdit] support the [http://plugins.jedit.org/plugins/?Console
Console plugin], which allows you to run shell command in jEdit's environment. This plugin
provides a command history and other features when running IJ from the console.

  1. Download and install a recent version of [http://www.jedit.org/ jEdit].
  1. On the menu, go to '''Plugins''' --> '''Plugin Manager'''.
  1. Select the '''Install''' tab.
  1. Select the '''Console''' plugin and ''Install''
  1. Restart jEdit if necessary
  1. Start the console via '''Plugins''' --> '''Console''' --> '''Console'''
  1. Start IJ as you would do in a regular terminal window.

You can select previous and next commands using ''up'' and ''down'' arrows. To move within
a command, use (for instance) side arrows.

== Using JLine ==

JLine has been reported to work with IJ. JLine users, please add workaround info here...

== Using Emacs ==

Emacs has been reported to work with IJ. Emacs users, please add workaround info here...

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