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Subject [Db-derby Wiki] Update of "BuiltInLanguageBasedOrderingDERBY-1478" by MamtaSatoor
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 06:09:56 GMT
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The following page has been changed by MamtaSatoor:

  4)Store needs a way to determine the collation type for a given DVD. This collation type
will then be saved in the column metadata. Provide the api on DVD to return the correct collation
  '''[[GetText(Question)]]''' Will there be an api like DVD.getCollationType()?
- 5)BasicDatabase needs to set the Locale value in the DVF after DVF has booted. Probably
with an api like DVF.setLocale(Locale). DVF will use this Locale object to construct the correct
Collator in case user has requested territory based collation through jdbc url at database
create time.
  '''[[GetText(Store changes)]]'''
@@ -167, +165 @@

  2)The type definition of a data type is described by DTD (DataTypeDescriptor). This DTD
will have two additional attributes called collation type and collation derivation. DTD probably
will need getter and setter for the 2 additional attributes.(These new attributes only apply
to collation sensitive types, namely char datatypes. For other data types, these attributes
will be ignored.) As per SQL spec, the collation derivation can hold 3 values, "explicit",
"implicit" and "none". In Derby 10.3, the collation derivation will never be "explicit" because
Derby 10.3 does not support SQL Standard's COLLATE clause. In Derby 10.3, the collation derivation
can be "implicit" or "none". If collation derivation is "none", then it means the collation
type can't be determined. This can happen when an aggregate function is working with operands
of different collation types. If the result of such an aggregate function is character string
type, then it's collation derivation will be "none",
  ie it can not be determined. Other than this aggregate "none" case, the collation derivation
will always be "implicit" and collation type will be (0)UCS_BASIC/(1)TERRITORY_BASED. Which
one of the 2 collation types is picked for a character string type is explained in detail
in section "Collation Determination". This work was done by revisions 525568 and 525729. The
work for this line item went in as part Jira entry DERBY-2524.
+ 3)BasicDatabase needs to set the Locale value in the DVF after DVF has booted. DERBY-2535
Make Locale available in DataValueFactory(DVF). This Locale object will be used to construct
Collator object if the user has requested territory based collation. Changes went in as part
of revision 527034
  '''[[GetText(Data Dictionary)]]'''
  1)Set the correct collation type in SchemaDescriptor. On this page, Section Collation Determination,
item 2) says that column definitions pick up their collation from the schema that they are
defined in. In order for that to happen, schema should have the right collaiton type associated
with it. This work of attaching right collation type to a schema went in as part of DERBY-2528
with revision 526237, 526243 and 526313.

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