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Subject [Db-derby Wiki] Update of "BuiltInLanguageBasedOrderingDERBY-1478" by MamtaSatoor
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 04:22:56 GMT
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The following page has been changed by MamtaSatoor:

  5)At compile time, make sure that the correct character class (ex SQLChar vs CollatorSQLChar)
is generated so at run time, we do not need to check what kind of Collator object need to
be used for character types. It should be all handled correctly at the code generation time
and the appropriate runtime methods (ex like method in SQLChar vs like method in WorkHorseForCollatorDatatypes)
should get called. This is the biggest unknown to me at this point and I need to do more research.
Will appreicate very much if someone has some thoughts on this.
+ 6)Store needs a way to determine the collation type for a given DVD. This collation type
will then be saved in the column metadata. Provide the api on DVD to return the correct collation
+ 7)BasicDatabase needs to set the Locale value in the DVF after DVF has booted. Probably
with an api like DVF.setLocale(Locale). DVF will use this Locale object to construct the correct
Collator in case user has requested territory based collation through jdbc url at database
create time.
  Store changes
  1)Store column level metadata for collate in Store. Store keeps a version number that describes
the structure of column level metadata. For existing pre-10.3 databases which get upgraded
to 10.3 and for new 10.3 databases with default collatoin(UCS_BASIC), the structure of column
level metadata will remain same as 10.2 structure of column level metadata, ie they will not
include collate information in their store metadata. A new version would be used in Store
for structure of column level metadata if the newly created 10.3 database has asked for territory
based collation. In other words, information about collate will be kept in Store column level
metadata only if we are working with a 10.3 newly created database with territory based collation.
This approach will make sure that we do not have to do an on-disk store metadata upgrade when
upgrading a pre-10.3 database to 10.3 version.

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