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From bpendle...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r494596 - in /db/derby/docs/trunk/src/devguide: cdevstart16043.dita cdevstart19524.dita
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 21:31:46 GMT
Author: bpendleton
Date: Tue Jan  9 13:31:46 2007
New Revision: 494596

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?view=rev&rev=494596
DERBY-1959: Derby Developers Guide errors and ambiguities

This patch modifies the "After Installing" and "Installation Directory"
pages in the developer's guide to fix several errors and ambiguities:
 - the pages refer to "install.html", which does not exist
 - the pages refer to an "installation program", which does not exist
 - the pages describe "the Derby development environment" which can be
   confusing because it suggests that there is an IDE distributed as part
   of Derby, and there is not
 - the pages refer to "release_notes.html", which is now RELEASE-NOTES.html
 - the pages refer to a "doc" directory, which is actually named "docs".


Modified: db/derby/docs/trunk/src/devguide/cdevstart16043.dita
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/db/derby/docs/trunk/src/devguide/cdevstart16043.dita?view=diff&rev=494596&r1=494595&r2=494596
--- db/derby/docs/trunk/src/devguide/cdevstart16043.dita (original)
+++ db/derby/docs/trunk/src/devguide/cdevstart16043.dita Tue Jan  9 13:31:46 2007
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
 <concept id="cdevstart16043" xml:lang="en-us">
 <title>The installation directory</title>
-<shortdesc>The installation program installs the <ph conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"></ph>
+<shortdesc>You may install the <ph conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"></ph>
 in a directory of your choice.</shortdesc>
 <keywords><indexterm>Installation directory<indexterm>layout of</indexterm></indexterm>
@@ -29,31 +29,31 @@
 for public classes and interfaces</indexterm></keywords>
-<p>See the <codeph>install.html</codeph> file for information on how to
install <ph
+<p>See the <codeph>index.html</codeph> file for pointers to information
on <ph
-<p>The installer automatically creates setup scripts that include an environment
+<p>The distribution includes setup scripts that use an environment
 variable called <ph conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productinstallpath"></ph>.
-The installer's value is set to the <ph conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"></ph>
+The variable's value is set to the <ph conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"></ph>
 <codeblock>C:&gt;echo %<ph conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productinstallpath"></ph>%
 C:\<ph conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productinstallpath"></ph></codeblock>
 <p>If you want to set your own environment, <cite><ph conref="devconrefs.dita#pub/citgetstart"></ph></cite>
 you on setting its value to the directory in which you installed the <ph conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"></ph>
-<p>The installer for <ph conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"></ph>
+<p>The distribution for <ph conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"></ph>
 all the files you need, including the documentation set, some example applications,
 and a sample database.</p>
 <p>Details about the installation:</p>
 <li><i>index.html </i>in the top-level directory is the top page for the
-<li><i>release_notes.html</i>, in the top-level <ph conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"></ph>
+<li><i>RELEASE-NOTES.html</i>, in the top-level <ph conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"></ph>
 directory, contains important last-minute information. <i>Read it first</i>.</li>
 <li><i>/demo</i> contains some sample applications, useful scripts, and
 databases.   <ul>
 <li><i>/databases</i> includes prebuilt sample databases.</li>
 <li><i>/programs</i> includes sample applications.</li>
-<li><i>/doc</i> contains the on-line documentation (including this document).</li>
+<li><i>/docs</i> contains the on-line documentation (including this document).</li>
 <li><i>/frameworks</i> contains utilities and scripts for running <ph
conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"></ph>. </li>
 <li><i>/javadoc</i> contains the documented APIs for the public classes
 interfaces. Typically, you use the JDBC interface to interact with <ph conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"></ph>;

Modified: db/derby/docs/trunk/src/devguide/cdevstart19524.dita
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/db/derby/docs/trunk/src/devguide/cdevstart19524.dita?view=diff&rev=494596&r1=494595&r2=494596
--- db/derby/docs/trunk/src/devguide/cdevstart19524.dita (original)
+++ db/derby/docs/trunk/src/devguide/cdevstart19524.dita Tue Jan  9 13:31:46 2007
@@ -24,9 +24,10 @@
 directory, JVMs, classpath, upgrades, and platform-specific issues.</shortdesc>
-<p>Review the <codeph>install.html</codeph> file that is installed with
-conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"></ph> for information on installing
-the <ph conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"></ph> development environment.
+<p>Review the <codeph>index.html</codeph> file at the top level of the
+conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"></ph> distribution
+for pointers to reference and tutorial information about
+<ph conref="devconrefs.dita#prod/productshortname"></ph>.
 See the Release Notes for information on platform support, changes that may
 affect your existing applications, defect information, and recent documentation
 updates. See <cite><ph conref="devconrefs.dita#pub/citgetstart"></ph></cite>

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