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Subject [Db-derby Wiki] Update of "DerbyDev" by DanDebrunner
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 18:30:27 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by DanDebrunner:

  = Derby Development =
+ [[TableOfContents]]
  == Getting Started on Development ==
  The Derby community welcomes anyone to participate in Derby's development.
@@ -37, +38 @@

  Everyone ignoring your patch? Don't take it personally, people are just busy. Read the [:PatchAdvice:advice]
  again for ways to sell your patch and see if you missed any step that might stop anyone
from spending time on it.
+ == On-going Development ==
+ All that is covered in the getting started section continue to applies once your first patch
is committed and as you hopefully become a committer.
+ Continue to follow the [:PatchAdvice:patch advice], practice [:IncrementalDevelopment:incremental
development], remember the [:DerbyCommitProcess:patch process].
+ Continue to watch the status of [:PatchListMaintenance:other patches] and try to review
and/or commit at least one other patch per week. If people submit small patches (due to incremental
development) and we have all developers reviewing a patch or two a week then we could achieve
very fast turn-around on patches.
+ Looking for items to work on? Here are some places to start, looking through Jira is a great
way to see the outstanding bugs and requested features & improvements.
+  * Derby Jira Isssues 
+    * DerbyJiraReports: Issue reports for the project from our bug tracking system, Jira.
+    * HighValueFixCandidates: Community analysis of bugs that offer a good return on time
+  * CodingProjects: here are coding projects that newcomers, interns, and Google Summer of
Code participants can sign up for
+  * DerbyProposals: a list of proposals that are being discussed or reviewed on the Wiki
+  * DerbyDevActivities: list of features actively being worked on and their contributors
+  * GoogleSummerOfCodeProjects: Information about approved Google Summer of code projects
+ Having trouble developing code, some information that might help.
+  * PlatformTestsDerby: Derby is tested on a variety of platform/jdk combinations. Please
visit this page for the complete list.
+  * DerbyTesting: information about Derby testing
+  * DerbyDebuggingTips: Tips for developers debugging code issues in Derby
+  * MetadataUpgrade: Description of the mechanisms for handling metadata changes on upgrade.
+  * AvoidNonPortableMethods: List of encoding unsafe methods in java. Please avoid using
+ == How Derby Works ==
+ Information about [:HowItWorks:how Derby works].
+ == Development How-to's ==
+ Information about [:DerbyDevHowTo:how to do various Derby development tasks], such as create
a snapshot or a release.

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