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From David Van Couvering <David.Vancouver...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [Db-derby Wiki] Update of "MysqlDerbyMigration/RequirementDocument" by RaminMoazeni
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 19:26:19 GMT
Ooh, you're way ahead of me.  Great stuff!  Sorry I missed it.


Ramin Moazeni wrote:
> Hi David,
> Once the migration tool is started, the user needs to select the
> source DBMS (ie. Mysql, oracle, etc) as well as the source and target
> DBMS configuration parameters such as hostname, port number, username
> and password. At this point, the user is displayed a list of databases
> that are available to migrate. The user then, selects the databases
> and the object (tables, views, stored procedures, etc) to be migrated.
> If there are any mapping errors, the user will then be displayed a
> list of mapping errors, which may require manual editing of sql
> statements. Then system will then proceed with migration of the
> databases.
> I summarized the above user interactions and task as following and
> attached the use-case diagram with this email:
> UC-1: Select Source DBMS
> The user will select the source DBMS (i.e mysql, oracle, etc)
> UC-2: Enter Source DBMS Connection Parameters
> To enter information of the source Database Management System such as
> database IP, Port information, username and password.
> UC-3: Enter Target DBMS Connection Parameters
> To enter information of the target Database Management System such as
> database IP,  Port information, username and password.
> UC-4: Select DB to be Migrated
> The migration tool will capture the databases of the source DBMS. The
> user can select the database that needs to be migrated.
> UC-5: Choose DB Objects to be Migrated
> The migration tool will capture the objects (tables, views, stored
> procedures, etc) from the selected database. The user can then select
> the objects that needs to be migrated.
> UC-6: Edit mapping errors
> Th user will be displayed a list of object mapping errors. The user
> will get the option of manually editing the sql statements to resolve
> the issue.
> Several errors can happen during the migration process:
> 1)    Error in connecting to the source or target DBMS
> 2)    Error in connecting to the database account
> 3)    Mapping errors which includes, object mapping errors, lack of
> support for specific object and datatype mapping errors.
> The system will have a graphical user interface (GUI).
> Feedback is appreciated...
> Thanks,
> Ramin Moazeni
> On 6/12/06, David Van Couvering <David.Vancouvering@sun.com> wrote:
>> A quick comment: I think this is great that we're gathering
>> requirements, but before we delve down into specific functional
>> requirements I'd like to see this described in terms of some use cases.
>>  What are the tasks that the user needs to accomplish.  What will the
>> user experience be like -- what specific steps and interactions will
>> they have with the system?  Will the user interface be command-line or
>> GUI?  What does the user need to specify prior to running the migration
>> tool?  What kinds of errors can occur?
>> For a user-based tool such as this these types of task-based,
>> user-oriented descriptions I think are crucial for guiding the actual
>> functional requirements.
>> Thanks!
>> David
>> Apache Wiki wrote:
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>> >
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>> Wiki" for change notification.
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>> > The following page has been changed by RaminMoazeni:
>> > http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/MysqlDerbyMigration/RequirementDocument
>> >
>> > 
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 
>> >   This section describes the capability (functional) requirements of 
>> the proposed system. A capability requirement is a function that the 
>> proposed system must (be designed and implemented to) perform. All 
>> capability requirements are specified in a sufficiently concrete way 
>> that they can be implemented and tested.
>> >
>> >   Table 15: Source and Target Database Management System
>> > + || Capability Requirement || '''PR-14: The conversion of data in 
>> the system from one format to another shall be reliable and accurate. 
>> ''' ||
>> > + || Priority || The data migration from source DBMS to the target 
>> DBMS over network of machines or instances must not change the data 
>> and not corrupt the format. Also, the transaction must be atomic and 
>> task of the transfer of data from one end to the other must be 
>> achieved ||
>> > + || Description || Must Have ||
>> >
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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