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Subject [Db-derby Wiki] Update of "MysqlDerbyMigration/RequirementDocument" by RaminMoazeni
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 04:02:43 GMT
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The following page has been changed by RaminMoazeni:

  || Description || The data migration from source DBMS to the target DBMS over network of
machines or instances must not change the data and not corrupt the format. Also, the transaction
must be atomic and task of the transfer of data from one end to the other must be achieved
  || Priority || Must Have ||
- == 1 Capability (Functional) Requirements ==
+ == 1 Capability Requirements ==
- === 3.1 System Definition === 
+ === 3.1 System Definition ===
  Apache Derby is a relational, light weight, embedded database developed entirely in Java.
Being an embedded database it is very flexible in its use and can be used either embedded
inside an application sharing the same JVM as the application or can be embedded inside a
server framework (such as Geronimo) or can be deployed as a standalone server (with the Network
server framework) in a traditional client server environment. 
  The MySQL to derby migration tool will be developed to help System/Database administrators
with the task of migrating their data from MySQL to Apache Derby. The migration tool will
migrate database objects such as Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, etc. from MySQL database
to derby database. The tool will be designed to have Graphical User Interface. 
+ === 3.2 System Requirements ===
+  * '''CR-1:''' The system should use MySQL as the source DBMS and Apache Derby as the target
+  * '''CR-2:''' The system should be made in such a way to accept the configuration parameters
using a configuration file.
+  * '''CR-3:''' Migration tool needs to be installed on either the source or target DBMS.
+  * '''CR-4:''' The user should be able to select a schema to be migrated from the source
+  * '''CR-5:''' The migration tool should display information from source RDBMS related to
tables, views and stored procedures.
+  * '''CR-6:''' The user should be able to select object types to be migrated from the source
+  * '''CR-7:''' Users should be notified about the objects that were not successfully converted.
+  * '''CR-8:''' The user should be provided with a summary report at the end of the migration
+  * '''CR-9:''' The errors that the system encounters should be logged in the form of an
error log.

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