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From Scott Carr <kscar...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Constant recreation question
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2012 16:13:33 GMT
This type thing happened to me.  I would suggest doing a Create XML from 
Database Schema, and diff against the XML you already have.

Mine turned out to be an IDENTITY, that was marked as required in the 
Database, but was not in my XML file as required.  The database 
automatically marked as required.  (Or something like this.  I can't 
remember exactly, it has been a little while.)

On 08/01/2012 01:28 PM, Tom Johnson wrote:
> I inherited a project which uses ddlutils to keep a database up schema up to date whenever
the program is run.   I needed to add a table and add a foreign key relationship back to another
table.  I made the appropriate changes in both the XML script and the database.   This seemed
to work fine.  However, whenever I run the program it seems to drop the new table and the
relation and re-create them, thus losing the data I had in these tables.  I do not see what
is wrong, but it does seem it is only doing this for the new changes and not the rest of the
tables in the database/script.
> Any suggestions?
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