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From Daniel López <D.Lo...@uib.es>
Subject Re: Use DdlUtils to maintain a ddl than can be shared between Oracle and Derby
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 10:30:54 GMT

Waht we basically do is to call the databaseToDdl Ant task to generate 
the XML from the DB schema, and then there is another task called 
ddlToDatabase that reads the XML of a DB and is *supposedly* able to 
generate the schema, generating the appropariate DDL statements for the 
database. I say supposedly because we don't use the second task :).

You can find the information and some examples on using the tasks here:

Maybe looking at the source code of both tasks, you can come up with a 
way to short-circuit what they do and do it in one pass.

Good luck!

Erik Drolshammer escribió:
> Daniel López wrote:
>> With DDLUtils, you can also export the database schema to an XML 
>> database independent format, so I guess that if not direcly, you could 
>> at least export the schema from oracle to the XML format and then from 
>> the XML to Derby.
>> There probably is a way of doing the same process programatically, but 
>> I just use DDLUtils through the Ant tasks, so I don't have experience 
>> with that. But just so you know there is at least one way of doing it.
> This is exactly what I'm looking for. Could you provide some more 
> details as to how it can be done?
> (The ant task approach might or might not be the approach I choose to 
> use, but at least it gives me the parameters and perhaps pointers to 
> which code that support this.)

Daniel Lopez Janariz (D.Lopez@uib.es)
Web Services
Centre for Information and Technology
Balearic Islands University

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