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From Erik Drolshammer <erik.drolsham...@gmail.com>
Subject Use DdlUtils to maintain a ddl than can be shared between Oracle and Derby
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 07:03:37 GMT
I want to use Derby as an in-mem substitute for Oracle for automatic 
testing purposes.

I have successfully exported the schema from an existing Oracle schema 
(without data) to a ddl-file, but when I try to create tables etc. in 
Derby I run into problems.

Does DdlUtils support some sort of automatic conversion between 
"Oracle-sql" and "Derby-sql"?
Or must I manually convert e.g. Oracle's "varchar2" to Derby's "varchar?

This is the setup I currently use:

//Create ddl from Oracle database
Oracle10Platform oracle10Platform = new Oracle10Platform();
Database database = oracle10Platform.readModelFromDatabase(name, 
catalog, schema, tableTypes);

//Create Derby tables from Oracle ddl source
oracle10Platform.createTables(conn, database, 

Best regards
Erik Drolshammer

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