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From Lubomir Sterba <lubomir.ste...@swlab.eu>
Subject Re: DatabaseToDdl schemapattern -> writeDataToFile
Date Tue, 20 May 2008 15:02:48 GMT
we have same problem. We are migrating from Oracle to Postgres and here 
is tool for exporting data ora2pg, which can export data from oracle to 
standard inserts, depending on configurtion. But this tool is very slow 
and we have big tables (300M records exporting cca 2-3 days). Now we try 
to export  databes data table per table,  using  DdlUtils Java API.
If I read DdlUtils source corretly, it read whole database structure and 
filter schema on output.  Whay decide, that KU_NOEXP_TAB have duplicate 
column I don't know.
If you have relativelly small database, workaround is to migrate schema 
with DdlUtils and data insert with file created by ora2pg.
Kind regards

Markus Daniel napsal(a):
> Hello,
> I have a Oracle Database which contains ddl and data generated by
> torque, now it is necessary to migrate these data to mysql.
> Since torque is not the best tool to dump ddl and data and insert it in
> an other database I try to use DdlUtils.
> <databaseToDdl schemapattern="MINOS" modelname="MINOS"
> catalogpattern="MINOS">
> ~    <database url="jdbc:oracle:thin:@"
> ~              driverClassName="oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver"
> ~              username="minos"
> ~              password="password"/>
> ~    <writeSchemaToFile outputFile="oracle-db-schema.xml"/>
> ~    <writeDataToFile determineschema="true" 
> outputFile="oracle-data.xml"/>
> ~  </databaseToDdl>
> The schema looks good but not tested at the moment.
> The dataDump failed with the message:
> There are multiple columns with the name OBJ_TYPE in the table 
> This table is not in the schema MINOS it is in the schema system.
> Does "writeDataToFile" ignore the schemapattern or it there something
> wrong with my ant target?
> Can anyone help?
> This here sounds similar
> http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/db-ddlutils-user/200709.mbox/%3C77613.64108.qm@web34403.mail.mud.yahoo.com%3E
> but I am not able to find the patch...
> Kind regards,
> Markus

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