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From tyju tiui <jckdnk...@yahoo.com>
Subject ddl utils platform.update problem
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 23:07:00 GMT

When issuing a platform.update(database, dynabean) I get the standard "The dyna bean is not
an instance of a SqlDynaClass" exception when the jdbc driver doesn't properly support table
metadata (like PostgreSQL 8.2 which I'm using).

Normally I would fix this by passing in a Table[] with some query hints for ddl utils.
However, the none of the update methods have the ability to accept any query hints.
I know the dynabean I'm updating is an instance of SqlDynaClass since I pass in the query
hints to fetch the dynabean in the first place.

Any ideas how I might work around this other than just implementing an update method that
accepts query hints?



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