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From Laurent ROCHE <laurent_ro...@yahoo.com>
Subject Export data from alternate schema [Was: Re : schema mix up !]
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2007 09:56:49 GMT

I am still not managing to export data from tables on a schema other than public.
To avoid conflicts I have renamed the tables in xfrt_synch schema so now the writeDataToFile
task does not fail anymore ... but it does not export the tables from xfrt_synch schema it
exports tables from schema public.

The writeSchemaToFile though works well and export the tables definition from xfrt_synch schema.

Did anyone manage to make the writeDataToFile task to work with schemas ?

The Computing Froggy

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De : Laurent ROCHE <laurent_roche@yahoo.com>
À : ddlutils-user@db.apache.org
Cc : tomdzk@gmail.com
Envoyé le : Lundi, 17 Septembre 2007, 18h49mn 32s
Objet : Re: schema mix up !


I have tryed to get this working (exporting data using schemas) with no joy.

Here is the extract of biuld.xml defining the ant task
<target name="export-xfrt-data" description="Dumps db structure and data">
      <taskdef name="databaseToDdl"
         <classpath refid="classpath"/>

      <databaseToDdl modelName="fims_testsmall_land" sortforeignkeys="false"  verbosity="DEBUG"
         <database url="jdbc:postgresql://my_server/my_db"

         <writeSchemaToFile outputFile="schema_xfrt.xml" />
         <writeDataToFile outputFile="data_xfrt.xml" determineschema="true"/>

I get the following messages:
>ant export-xfrt-data
Buildfile: build.xml

[databaseToDdl] Borrowed connection org.apache.commons.dbcp.PoolableConnection@a761fe from
data source
[databaseToDdl] Returning connection org.apache.commons.dbcp.PoolableConnection@a761fe to
data source.
[databaseToDdl] Remaining connections: None

C:\apps\Ddlutils-test\build.xml:130: Could not read the schema from the specified database:
There are multiple column wi
th the name role_id in the table app_roles

Total time: 7 seconds

I must do something wrong ... but I can not find out what ? ! ?
I have 2 schemas on my database (containing tables with identical names): xfrt_synch and public

PS: I am following up an old thread !

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De : Thomas Dudziak <tomdzk@gmail.com>
� : ddlutils-user@db.apache.org
Envoy� le : Mardi, 2 Janvier 2007, 4h24mn 00s
Objet : Re: schema mix up !

On 12/26/06, Laurent ROCHE <laurent_roche@yahoo.com> wrote:

> There is a little problem when doing an export of a PostgreSQL database where there is
two schema (say public and queries).
> The generation of schema.xml is OK.
> But when generating data.xml DDL Utils will fail as it will try to read the content of
tab1 in QUERIES with the SQL:
> select * from tab1
> instead of
> select * from queries.tab1

Please update DdlUtils and use both the schemapattern parameter
and also set the new determineschema parameter to true

Have fun,
The Computing Froggy

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