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From Ricardo Palomares <rpmdisguise-j...@yahoo.es>
Subject Re: Manage Tables.
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 15:44:25 GMT
callme_sanjay escribió:
> I came across a scenario where I have 3 tables in a database and now using
> the DDlutils , I put a details about 4th new table (only details of 4th
> table) in the schema file and run the DDLutils 
> Results are , only the fourth table is create other 3 which were already
> there are no more in the database
> Now if I want to want to have all four to be there .. then one way is 
> before Starting with DDlutils , I should get the schema from the existing
> database( which is nothing but a schema file with details about the existing
> 3 tables) , add the details of 4th one ( a new one) and again run DDlutils
> dum the updated schema to the database.
> But is there any flag we can set somewhere so that if we can directly run
> the schema ony with 4th table updates then it should not drop the older 3
> tables.

The way I understand DdlUtils, the schema file has the schema for the
whole database. You put the design of all four tables and DdlUtils
will touch just the missing tables (and fields, if any). And I must
add that it is great: you define your database in the schema file and
DdlUtils makes sure the database matches your schema (some changes,
though could need several steps).


Disclaimer: I'm just a newbie user, not a DdlUtils developer.

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