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From "Thomas Dudziak" <tom...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: No database model specified (was: Re: create DML for Oracle timestamp or date? (ie: with to_date))
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2007 04:40:35 GMT
On 3/26/07, ggsmnielsen@yahoo.com <ggsmnielsen@yahoo.com> wrote:

> My *real* problem is that my Ant task (ddlToDatabase) is not working; I get the following
error, "No database model specified":
> $ ant dist....
>  C:\mywk\sample-db\test-build.xml:154: The following error occurred while executing this
>  C:\mywk\sample-db\test-build.xml:123: No database model specified
> My task looks something like:
> ----------------
> <target name="dml-xml2sql" depends="init" description="Given an XML file, write DB-specific
SQL DML to a file.">
>     <ddlToDatabase validatexml="false" usedelimitedsqlidentifiers="false"
>        catalogpattern="bookstore" schemapattern="bookstore"
>        databasetype="oracle10">
>       <fileset dir=".">
>         <include name="c:/mywk/sample-db/src/schema/data-bookstore.xml"/>
>       </fileset>


I think here lies the problem: the fileset might not actually select
anything. Try running ant with the -v or -debug flag to get more
output on what it does. You can also try changing the fileset to:

       <fileset dir="c:/mywk/sample-db/src/schema/">
         <include name="data-bookstore.xml"/>


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