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From Laurent ROCHE <laurent_ro...@yahoo.com>
Subject Too quick and too good ! [was: Performance Problems ?]
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 09:15:50 GMT
Hi Guys & Gals,

OK, I am not really complaining here that DDL-Utils is too quick and too good to be true (I
am not that mad ... just half crazy).

But ... before when I was running a decent size import, it was taking 2 hours (see original
post below). That was running the import when the option "useexplicitidentityvalues=true"
has a slight bug and then effectively running as "useexplicitidentityvalues=false".

Now with "useexplicitidentityvalues=true" working, the import takes only 1min30sec: great,
fantastic !
But, I thought it will fail while inserting because it's inserting rows in table A which has
a foreign key on table B which I assummed is not populated yet ! ? !

So the real question is why is DDL-Utils not failing when importing rows on tables with foreign
keys constraints ?
Does it do a special insert with no constraint checks ?


----- Message d'origine ----

> Laurent ROCHE wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there any one here using DDL-Utils with significant volumes of data (data.xml
of a few Mb) ?
>> My data.xml file is of 44 686 lines of data and 4 7734Kb of data.
>> I am exporting data from a PostgreSQL database to Derby database.
>> When inserting into a DB without any foreign keys, primary keys, indexes, it's fast
(actually faster with DDL-Utils than with insert scripts running ij): a couple of minutes
(40s for DDL-Utils).
>> But when running with keys and indexes, DDL-Utils takes 2 hours ! ! !
>> Running DB-Unit takes only 5, 6 minutes !
>> So I am back to my idea where it would nice to get the export to generate the data
file according to an order, so that during import I do not have to use the ensureforeignkeyorder="true"
>> (see http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/db-ddlutils-user/200701.mbox/%3c20070108161758.43099.qmail@web34402.mail.mud.yahoo.com%3e
>> Ideally, DDL-Utils will generate the table orders it-self by reading the dependencies
at the schema level (foreign keys). 
>> But at least, if I could give DDL-Utils the tables order: that will be great ...
otherwise I will have to stop using DDL-Utils for data: that I will be a shame !


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