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From "Thomas Dudziak" <tom...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Re : Re : Re : Not much info with: "Could not parse or write data file"
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 03:26:09 GMT
On 12/27/06, Laurent ROCHE <laurent_roche@yahoo.com> wrote:

> I have upgraded to the latest DDL utils (and the latest Derby) and I still get the same
errors !
> I suspect some lines insert fails and then the others can not get inserted because the
first ones failed !
> Hence, it will be nice to get extra user friendly messages when data insert fails !
> This can be a really tricky part when migrating data from one system to another, if we
can not know what data failed to insert and the reason, this tool is going to be difficult
to use !
> A line number in data.xml, the SQL instruction that failed and the SQL error message
would help a lot to correct the errors when moving data from one system to another.

Please update DdlUtils and set the new verbosity parameter
to DEBUG in order to see which rows are hold back.


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