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From John Fereira <ja...@cornell.edu>
Subject Re: DDLUtils error when building with Ant (BUILD FAILED,java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError)
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2006 01:12:52 GMT
At 06:11 PM 12/8/2006, you wrote:
>Hi John
>>You need to include the stax-api-1.0.jar file in your 
>>classpath.  It's in the lib directory of the distribution.  You 
>>might also need stax-1.1.2-dev.jar.
>Thank you for the feedback.  I discovered all of the required 
>libraries where you pointed me to and have included them.  Feeling 
>somewhat foolish now ...

Don't worry about it.  Tracking down class not found exceptions can 
sometimes be tricky.  If you enter the class name that is causing the 
exception (replacing the / chars with a period) into Google that will 
almost always lead you to the javadoc page where the class is 
described and you can usually find what jar file it came from there.

If you've got a directory full of jar files and you're not sure which 
contains the class your looking for (and you're running on a unix 
based system) here's a little script you can use to get a list of all 
of the classes (run this in the directory containing the jar files.

for name in *.jar
    echo "jafrfile: " $name >> list
    jar tvf $name >> list

Then you can edit the file called "list", search for the class name, 
then scroll up to find he name of the jar file

There used to be a free service called Jarhoo that has a large 
database of java class names but the last time I looked at it, the 
site required registration.   I wrote something similar to it long 
before the web for a proprietary operating system.

>That has fixed the javax error.

John Fereira
Ithaca, NY 

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