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From Michael Nielsen <ggsmniel...@yahoo.com>
Subject supporting additional databases: teradata?
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2006 00:22:19 GMT
  I was wondering:  Has anyone has tried to use DdlUtils with Teradata?  Or, perhaps someone
has found workarounds to generate a schema from generic XML to something relatively Teradata-like?

  (Does anyone know the "closest" flavor of SQL to Teradata's SQL?  I'm looking for a good
starting point for subsequent hand-tweaking of SQL... Maybe Ingres, which is on the to-do

  Alternatively, if there's a by-numbers approach to adding support for additional databases,
I might look into that.  So far, I've just been using the Ant tasks & haven't really looked
at the code too much....  But if it takes less time to write the code than to tweak the SQL,
I'd be up for that. (Though, I'm a teradata novice -- and therefore would rather generate
the SQL...)


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