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From pablo-adrian.gonza...@nxbp.fr
Subject Using DDLUtils with Oracle BFile Type
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2006 15:14:44 GMT

I have a problem exporting a database schema with a column of BFILE type.

The Oracle BFILE type is not supported by DDL Utils.

so, I have a couple of questions :
1. Is there a way to specify to the ant task databaseToDdl to ignore some
tables (in order to export all tables minus the one with BFILE type ?).
I looked at JdbcModelReader class, method setDefaultTablePattern there's a
way to specify a pattern table but no way to access it from an ANT Script.
2. Is there a way to handle Oracle BFILE types with DDLUtils ?

Here's the error :
Could not read the schema from the specified database: Unknown JDBC type
code -13
This exception is thrown from the method setTypeCode of class

Thank you for your help.

Here is the ant script I use :

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="CopyDb" basedir="." default="copy">

  <!-- These properties can be overriden on the commandline using -D -->
  <property name="schemafiles" value="testmodel.xml"/>
  <property name="datafile" value="testmodel.sql"/>

      CLASSPATH des drivers Jdbc et ddlutils
   <path id="classpath">

   <target name="export-source-db" description="Dumps db structure and
      <taskdef name="databaseToDdl"
         <classpath refid="classpath"/>

      <databaseToDdl modelName="EDES" schema="EDES" databaseType="oracle9">
             <database url="jdbc:oracle:thin:@myserver:1521:MYINSTANCE"
         <writeSchemaToFile outputFile="${schemafiles}"/>
          <writeDataToFile outputFile="${datafile}"/>


   <target name="copy">
            <antcall target="export-source-db">


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