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From Stephan Kozel <s.ko...@3united.com>
Subject Re: generating documentation
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2006 08:45:28 GMT
Hi John,
thank you very much! I checked it out and it works smoothly! Since we 
use mvn we will stick to our usual solution using ddlutils and 
transforming the xml to xdoc so we can include it directly in our 
project documentation (html,pdf) though.

keep up the good work

John Currier schrieb:
> Stephan, you can modify SchemaSpy's .properties files to pull comment
> information from wherever you want.  In your db's .properties files you
> would put a selectTableCommentsSql and/or a selectColumnCommentsSql line
> specifying the SQL that returns your comments.  The first SQL needs to
> return table_name and comments for a given schema (optional) while the
> second also needs to return column_name.
> I don't believe that this feature is in the released version, but it's
> available 
> https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=737990&aid=1537790&group_id=137197
> here . 
> John
> http://schemaspy.sourceforge.net
> Stephan Kozel wrote:
>> Hi Achim,
>> thank you very much for your reply. SchemaSpy is a nice tool but does 
>> not suite our requirements.
>> The problem is that we are using different databases and can't store the 
>> comments for the tables / fields directly in the databases. So we want 
>> to generate the db-schema.xml using DdlUtils and add the description to 
>> the table / field definitions with an extra attribute (description / 
>> comment) manually. After that we want to generate a html / xdoc / pdf 
>> documentation on the basis of the edited db-schema.xml.
>> As you know without comments the database documentation is useless.
>> Do you have any ideas / suggestions how we could do this?
>> thx a lot
>> Stephan
>> Joachim Wackerow schrieb:
>>> Try SchemaSpy at sourceforge. It reads your database directly (without 
>>> DdlUtils schema).
>>> Achim

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