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From Rusty Wright <ru...@berkeley.edu>
Subject Re: autoincrement
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 05:57:54 GMT
Sorry, I wasn't clear about how I'm using DdlUtils.  I'm using ant.  In 
my build.xml file the ant target for DdlUtils contains the following.

>         <ddlToDatabase>
>             <fileset dir="sql">
>                 <include name="waitlist.xml"/>
>             </fileset>
>             <database driverClassName="${db1_driverClassName}"
>                       url="${db1_url}"
>                       username="${db1_username}"
>                       password="${db1_password}"
>             />
>             <writeSchemaToDatabase />
>             <writeSchemaSqlToFile
>                 alterDatabase="false"
>                 doDrops="false"
>                 failOnError="true"
>                 outputFile="sql/waitlist_generated.sql"
>             />
>         </ddlToDatabase>

When I run it for mysql my build.xml has

>     <property
>         file="db.properties-mysql"
>     />

And when I run it for postgresql I change build.xml so that it has

>     <property
>         file="db.properties-postgres"
>     />

And in the db.properties-<whatever> files are lines like

> db1_driverClassName=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
> db1_url=jdbc:mysql://localhost/waitlist


> db1_driverClassName=org.postgresql.Driver
> db1_url=jdbc:postgresql://localhost/waitlist

So it's generating the database specific sql for each one.  But for 
PostgreSQL it's using nextval() with a sequence that hasn't been defined 
or specified.

I'm guessing that I'm doing something wrong or leaving something out 
since it's not creating the sequence.

Ok, wait; I commented out the writeSchemaToDatabase and looked at the 
sql file it generated and the CREATE SEQUENCE is in the sql file.  So 
why is it bombing when it tries to create the tables directly?

Thomas Dudziak wrote:
> On 8/22/06, Rusty Wright <rusty@berkeley.edu> wrote:
>> How do I specify an autoincrement column such that the generated sql
>> works with both mysql and postgresql?  In my database xml file I have
> I'm not quite sure what you mean ? The idea of DdlUtils is to specify
> the database model in a database-independent XML format and then let
> DdlUtils create the database for you or get database-specific SQL for
> that XML database schema.
> Especially for database creation, every database has different
> statements and functionality, so it is quite likely that the SQL
> generated for even the simplest database model will only work for the
> database that you created the SQL for, and for no other database.
> Tom

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