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From Ray Malanga <...@purejavasolutions.com>
Subject Is there a way to get schema and catalog into the XML file?
Date Sun, 23 Jul 2006 00:30:06 GMT
Hi.  I'm having a problem similar to the recent post by 

Is there a way to get DDLUtils to include the schema and catalog of a 
table in the XML file?
For example, the XML generated by DDLUtils for my database may currently 
look like this:

  <database name="SomeDatabase">
    <table name="SomeTable">

What I really need is this:

  <database name="SomeDatabase">
    <table name="SomeTable" catalog="SomeCatalog" schema="SomeSchema">

Perhaps it may help if I give a little background about my situation...
I use the DDLUtils ant task to dump each database required by my web 
app.  I few XSLT and Velocity transformations later I have a completely 
functional data access layer written in Java that I didn't have to write 
:).  Now I have the problem where two different catalogs have a table 
with the same name (but not the same structure) and I'd like to modify 
my templates to carry the catalog and schema name along but I'd need 
DDLUtils output to have it in there first.


- Ray M

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