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From Eric Auer <eric.a...@mpi.nl>
Subject Re: how to dump a single table to xml
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 15:54:11 GMT

Hi, to followup myself, I found that
ddlutils do have a notion of a table
name match pattern (note: the pattern is
case sensitive for quite a few database
vendors) but no "end user" interface to
select to-be-dumped databases. So I did
create the following ugly patch:

<         setDefaultTablePattern(null);
 >         setDefaultTablePattern("mytable"); // EVIL!

Wildcards would be allowed here, too,
but I think you cannot write a list
of tables here? The pattern ends up
being passed to
deeper inside ddlutils.

> Hi, I noticed that you can specify:
> - the catalog(s)
> - the schemas(s)
> - the table TYPES
> but not:
> - the table names
> in the DatabaseToDdlTask.
> What I am trying to do is to dump a single
> table from a database to some XML file.

Regards, Eric

PS: Maybe somebody can forward this to the
developer list and the DatabaseToDdlTask and
DdlToDatabaseTask can have a real user
interface for table selection in future
versions of ddlutils. Thanks!

PPS: I noticed that I had to use
to avoid running out of JVM heap space. The
processing was fast enough and the created
XML files are nice and clean, thank you :-).

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