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From "Vignesh Swaminathan" <vswam...@cordys.com>
Subject RE: What is the support for CLOB and BLOB?
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 04:37:50 GMT
>You can define binary data in your data xml file (e.g. in base64
encoding or using your own custom >data converter), and DdlUtils should
write this into a Blob column without problems (same in the other

The problem here is that JDBC expects a CLOB/BLOB interface, however
each driver has its own implementation of this interface. So you have a
code piece which looks like

CLOB clobField;
 clobField = new MSSQLCLOBFromDriverX();
Else if(MSSQLdriverY)
 clobField = new MSSQLCLOBFromDriverY();
Else if (MySQLdriverX)
 clobField = new MySQLCLOB();

You can see that the clob implementation that you can use to get at a
CLOB interface is specific to each driver. This can be abstracted (if
possible) by adding a method to the PlatformImplBase and subclasses of
it called getCLOB()/getBLOB() where specific to the platform we can add
code to retrieve the CLOB/BLOB interface specific to that platform(?).
This will take users of DDLUtils API one more step to being DB

More of this at


PostgreSQL (could not get official doc)

MySQL (could not get official doc)


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