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From "Thomas Dudziak" <tom...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: DEFAULT 'NULL' instead of DEFAULT NULL
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 22:35:00 GMT
On 3/13/06, Joachim Wackerow <wackerow@zuma-mannheim.de> wrote:

> I just started to try DdlUtils. I encountered following problem:
> A default NULL results in 'NULL' in the SQL code not in NULL without the
> quotes.
> <column name="organisation" type="VARCHAR" size="50" default="NULL"/>
> results in SQL code
> organisation VARCHAR(50) DEFAULT 'NULL',
> How can I define the NULL value in the XML file, so it does not get
> interpreted as a string value? Does exist some escape character? I
> looked thru the documentation, in some source files, and searched the
> mailing list, but didn't find anything. Did I overlook something?

SQL NULL is the default value if you do not specify one - there is no
other to specify it except by not specifying it.

> Same problem with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
> <column name="timestamp" type="TIMESTAMP" default="CURRENT_TIMESTAMP"/>
> results in SQL code

In general the default value is expected to be a string value that can
be converted to the Java type corresponding to the JDBC type (as
defined by the JDBC spec). What you need in this case would be a
nativeDefault attribute which is not interpreted by DdlUtils at all.
This is currently not possible, but you could add a feature request to
DdlUtils' JIRA.


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