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From Laurent Sacaut <lsac...@8d.com>
Subject Re: readModelFromDatabase(string) no javadoc entry with string parame ter
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 16:14:54 GMT
I started with readModelFromDatabase() and it got broken when I upgraded
ddlutils after Jan 1st.

I now use the method readFromDatabase(String) passing the platform name
as the string. It seems to be working fine with MySQL.

 public Database readDatabase(DataSource dataSource)
        Platform platform =
       return platform.readModelFromDatabase(platform.getName());


Thomas Dudziak wrote:

>On 2/16/06, Christian.Eugster@kost.admin.ch
><Christian.Eugster@kost.admin.ch> wrote:
>>I tried to read the model from a database using the platforms
>>readModelFromDatabase() method. This method seems to need a single string
>>parameter the meaning of which is unknown to me. Has anybody a suggestion
>>what kind of parameter it is? In javadoc I could not find this method with a
>>single string parameter.
>Yes, the site does not reflect the current source, but I really don't
>want to update the site every other day. You can generate the current
>Javadoc for yourself using
>ant javadoc
>To answer your question: the string parameter specifies the name of
>the read model. Usually, you'd use the name of the read database (e.g.
>for PostgreSQL, MySQL) or the schema name (for Oracle, Db2) for this.

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