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From Tim Dudgeon <tdudg...@informaticsmatters.com>
Subject Re: oracle database model dangerously broken
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 08:21:26 GMT

Thomas Dudziak wrote:

>And there certainly is room for improvement
>in DdlUtils. E.g. it would be useful to have the ability to specify
>sequences in an database-independent way.
By this do you mean abstracting the issue of  ID generation? e.g . 
if oracle -> use a sequcnce
if hsql -> use integer IDENTITY column
if mysql -> use integer autoincrement

If so, then I would soundly endorse this.
Creating this in a db independent manner shoudl be reasonably straight 
Reading it from an exising db would be trickier - in oracle I don't 
think the sequence is not specifically associated to the table it is 
being used by, so DDLUtils would need some hints?


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