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From Guy Davis <da...@guydavis.ca>
Subject Re: Oracle 9i generating empty schema file for DatabaseToDdlTask
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 00:43:13 GMT
Okay, based on the dump-metadata.xml file, I now have my build.xml 
working for dumping the schema and data to XML.  Thanks.

My next step is to try loading this dump from our main Oracle 9 DB into 
an instance of Oracle 10 Express on my workstation.  Here the relevant 
portion of my build.xml:

<taskdef name="ddl_to_db" 
    <path><fileset dir="../ddlutils">
     <include name="lib/*.jar" />
     <include name="dist/*.jar" />

<ddl_to_db schemaFile="schema.xml" databaseType="Oracle10">
   <database url="jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:XE"
      username="DV_MASTER" password="password" />
     <writeSchemaToDatabase alterDatabase="false" />

Currently, the DV_MASTER schema on my workstation is completely empty 
and the user has CONNECT and RESOURCE.  The schema.xml file looks 
reasonable now.  It starts with:

     <table name="DV_AREA">

When I run a target with this task, I get the following:
C:\Development\trunk\build.xml:451: Could not read schema file 
C:\Development\trunk\schema.xml: The database model has no name

What does "database model has no name" mean?  How do I set one?

Thanks in advance,

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