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From "Thomas Dudziak" <tom...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Some bugs with Oracle
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 17:07:25 GMT
On 2/22/06, Hans Muñoz <Hans.munoz@digibis.com> wrote:

> Hi, i'm a little new to this proyect, but i've been trying it for some days
> with Oracle 9i and i found some problems. I'm sure most of them are already
> documented so sorry if i repeat them. If its a problem about the use or
> configuration let me now.

Most of the issues you have, are related to the alteration of a
database, which is not completely finished yet.

> ----Getting DDL and generation xml from the database----
> - Fails to remove internal primary keys (JDBCModelReader.java in
> removeInternalPrimaryKeyIndex:629 - always false) So it fails while triyng
> to Create tables from xml generated, because is duplicated.

? Could you post the table definition SQL, and the generated XML ?

> ----Generate database from xml----
> About autonumeric columns:
> The trigger to control the sequence doesn't compile (have BEGIN but doesn't
> have END), about this i found that the proyect use tokenizer(...,';') to
> decide wich commands to execute so althought you put the correct sentence it
> would fail

Mhmm, this works on Oracle 10. What driver do you use ?

> Also it doesn't check if the column has change the property "autonumeric"
> while altering a database (should go on SQLBuilder line 1366?)

Yep, this is expected, because there is currently no way to determine
this via JDBC (at least none that I know of). If you know some clever
SQL that is able to determine the trigger  and sequence structure,
then please let me know.

> Foreing Key:
> - Doesn't care about onDelete or onUpdate on the xml

Yep, as I wrote in another thread (and there is probably an
outstanding issue): DdlUtils currently ignores these values.

> -Trying to change columns that are the same
> I create the database, but not the tables, I use the code below to create 2
> tables and then use the same xml but using "alterTables" and it tries to
> change columns that are already the same (the check on SQLBuilder line
> 1366?). I think its because it checks the native type from the database to
> the JDBC type.

Don't know. I'll have to check that.


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