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From Tim Dudgeon <tdudg...@informaticsmatters.com>
Subject Re: oracle database model dangerously broken
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2006 17:26:29 GMT
<database name="test">
    <table name="MY_TABLE">
      <column name="PROP_NAME" primaryKey="true" required="true" 
type="VARCHAR" size="200" autoIncrement="false"/>
      <column name="PROP_VALUE" primaryKey="false" required="false" 
type="VARCHAR" size="200" autoIncrement="false"/>
      <column name="PROP_VALUE_EXT" primaryKey="false" required="false" 
type="LONGVARBINARY" size="0" autoIncrement="false"/>

this was the DDL that created it.

    prop_name VARCHAR2(200) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
    prop_value VARCHAR2(200),
    prop_value_ext LONG RAW NULL


Thomas Dudziak wrote:

>On 1/31/06, Tim Dudgeon <tdudgeon@informaticsmatters.com> wrote:
>>There is one additional aspect to this - note the line in the log:
>>INFO: Column PROP_VALUE_EXT in table MY_TABLE differs from current
>>I didn't make any changes, but DDLUtils thinks the column has been changed.
>Mhmm, what is the generated model (could you post it as XML ?)

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