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From Robert Einsle <rob...@einsle.de>
Subject Delimiter for Postgres 8.1
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 13:49:47 GMT
Hy List,

while using DDL-Utils on Postgres 8.1 i found the following situation:

-- the xml ---
<database name="test">
  <table name="transactions">
    <column name="trade_id" primaryKey="true" required="true" 
type="INTEGER" size="4" autoIncrement="true" />
    <column name="currency" type="CHAR" size="3" />
    <column name="product" type="CHAR" size="4" />
    <column name="description" type="VARCHAR" size="50" />
    <column name="exchange" type="CHAR" size="15" />
    <column name="quantity" type="INTEGER" size="4" />
    <column name="price" type="NUMERIC" size="15,4" />
    <column name="amount" type="NUMERIC" size="15,2" />
    <column name="symbol" type="CHAR" size="5" />
    <column name="securityid" type="INTEGER" size="4" />
    <index name="idx_transactions_product">
      <index-column name="product"/>
--- end xml ---
while creating an Table ddl-utils reports the creating of the Sequence. 
But when creating the Table i recived the following Error:

--- cut ---
... failed with ERROR: column "transactions_trade_id_seq" does not exist
--- cut ---

--- generated SQL ---
CREATE TABLE "transactions"
    "currency" CHAR(3),
    "product" CHAR(4),
    "description" VARCHAR(50),
    "exchange" CHAR(15),
    "quantity" INTEGER,
    "price" NUMERIC(15,4),
    "amount" NUMERIC(15,2),
    "symbol" CHAR(5),
    "securityid" INTEGER
--- end SQL

On Documentation of Postgres i found this:

--- Psql Doc ---

CREATE SEQUENCE /tablename/_/colname/_seq;
CREATE TABLE /tablename/ (
    /colname/ integer DEFAULT nextval('/tablename/_/colname/_seq') NOT NULL
--- end Doc ---

So i think the dopple Quotes in nextval should be single Quotes.

Should i check the behavior on Postgres 7.4?

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