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From Dave Sunerton-Burl <d...@lledr-solutions.co.uk>
Subject Re: Stream already closed
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 08:46:27 GMT
Alexandre Borgoltz wrote:
> Hi,
> This is the first time I use DdlUtils and I am facing a problem:
> I get a SQLException stating that the "stream is already closed".
> It occurs in at org.apache.ddlutils.io.JdbcModelReader.getValueAsString
> for the "COLUMN_DEF" column.
> I am using an oracle 8.1.7 DB with 10g jdbc drivers.
I've experienced the same thing working with Oracle (not with DdlUtils) 
where the database and Oracle client versions are mismatched - as in 
your case. I know newer client versions *should* be backwards compatible 
- but that's in a perfect world! Check the Oracle site for their 
comments about compatibility with 8.1.7 (it's pretty old now) and the 
10g driver. Mostly, it seems to happen when there are BLOBS and CLOBS 
involved, but not always...

FYI - we're running a big application here against an 8.1.6 database, 
with a 9.2 client successfully.

So, all in all, I would think your problem is not with DdlUtils, or you 
:), but with the Oracle client and provider.

Dave Sunerton-Burl
Lledr Solutions

Email : dave@lledr-solutions.co.uk
Phone : +44 (0)1690 750446
Web : www.lledr-solutions.com

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