Hello Everyone,

I have released the first version of DDLUtilsTool, a GUI for editing and executing Apache DDL!  

Using the application, you can write and execute DDL scripts. For example, you can:
1. Create the Schema DDL from a database
2. Apply a Schema DDL to a new or existing database
3. Create an SQL create script file from a database
4. Create an SQL create script file from a database to match a Schema DDL file
5. Apply a data DDL to a database

You can also store and edit database connection profiles, and add your own jdbc drivers.

I am hosting the application on Google Code: 


Please download the installer and try it out!  There are some docs here: http://code.google.com/p/ddlutilstool/wiki/index?tm=6

If you would like to add features, or improve anything, please contact me, or join the project.  What I would really like to do is offer this code to the DDLUtils project.  


Colin Ritchie