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From Daniel López <D.Lo...@uib.es>
Subject Additions to generated XML
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 08:42:34 GMT

On one hand, we were using Torque ant tasks to generate the XML from the 
DB schema and generate automatically some code from the XML, and as we 
needed some extra info, we did some modifications to the generator code.

I just recently found out about ddlutils when I was trying to find a 
lighter approach, so we've changed to ddlutils and I thought we might 
try to contribute back our changes, if people find them useful.

Basically what we did was:
.- Add a parameter(regexp) so we can filter the tables that are exported 
to XML as we sometimes have different sets of tables in the same user 
and we just need/want to export some of them.
.- Include the name and information of the constraints, so it is not 
lost. We usually put explicit names in our constraints and those names 
can be used to identify errors more easily, so we need them in the XML 
so we can generate exception handling code from there. Moreover, we 
don't want to lose that information.
.- Added Unique constraints and indexes
.- Added also the active rule (NoAction , Cascade, Restrict, SetDefault, 
SetNull) for foreign keys.
.- Added RADIX por numerical columns
.- Added some code to handle the new definition of TIMESTAMP/DATE 
parameters for Oracle version > 8.

Are these already implemented in ddlUtils? If not we'll probably add the 
modifications to our generator, but we'd like to contribute them to the 
community, if you find they could be of use.

Daniel Lopez Janariz (D.Lopez@uib.es)
Web Services
Centre for Information and Technology
Balearic Islands University

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