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From "Thomas Dudziak" <tom...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Release candidate 1 cut
Date Fri, 11 May 2007 21:13:40 GMT
On 5/11/07, Craig L Russell <Craig.Russell@sun.com> wrote:

> Part of the vetting process for a release is to check that the
> signatures are ok (verify the signature is valid, looking for the
> signature in the KEYS file, etc.) Once the release bits (including
> signatures and checksums) are voted, it's not ok to change (add or
> remove) anything.

Makes sense, though for checking the bits you only need a checksum,
not the signing. But anyway, I'll run Robert's RAT tool and check the
POM, and then cut a RC2 that is completely signed and everything :-)

> I've heard folks say that "Apache is an open source organization, and
> the releases are source releases". Projects are free to release
> binaries as a convenience to users who might not want to build, but
> it's not the primary objective.

Indeed, makes perfect sense.


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