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From "Thomas Dudziak" <tom...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Release candidate 1 cut
Date Fri, 11 May 2007 05:27:23 GMT
On 5/10/07, Jean T. Anderson <jta@bristowhill.com> wrote:
> Thomas Dudziak wrote:

> 1) The distributions aren't signed.

Yeah, that's because it is not a distribution, it's a special nightly
build if you want. The final release will of course be signed (I've
written part of the doc for how to that :-) )

> 2) Are you going to include a src distribution? --It looks like
> DdlUtils-1.0-RC1.jar just has class files.

I was not sure about that. Is it common practice ? I probably should,
I guess ...

> 3) I don't see a LICENSE or NOTICE file [1].

There are there (http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/db/ddlutils/trunk/).
Though I'm slightly confused, do we use txt file extension or not ?

> 4) I didn't run RAT, but I did run the insert_license.pl [2] script in
> the committer's repo in practice mode. Lots of files have the old Apache
> header in place.

That's odd. I did a sweep after Cliff announced the new header on the
legal discuss mailing list. Did it change in the meantime (AL-20a ?)
Anyway, I wanted to run Robert's tool anyways, so that will be fixed
then, but thanks spotting this, really odd, I tried to make sure that
that is already ok.

> These files are missing the header:
> ddlutils/src/test-input/test-start.xml, extension=.xml, fileType=xml,
> Insert new license
> ddlutils/src/test-input/datamodel.xml, extension=.xml, fileType=xml,
> Insert new license
> ddlutils/src/xml/database2ojb.xsl, extension=.xsl, fileType=xml, Insert
> new license
> ddlutils/src/java/org/apache/ddlutils/task/VerbosityLevel.java,
> extension=.java, fileType=C, Insert new license

Ah, thanks, the license check in the build script probably doesn't check them.

> 5) In DdlUtils-1.0-RC1-doc.zip , the Copyright put into the
> forrest-generated footers is 2005. Is that correct? Or does the forrest
> skinconf.xml need to be updated?

Ups, got to change that

> that's all I've found so far ....

thanks a lot, Jean !


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