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From Tom Schindl <tomatli...@gmx.at>
Subject Re: Running Code Analyzer
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2006 09:17:53 GMT
See this simply patch and what's going on with your unit-test. I think
it should be ensured that the result is the same no matter if you are
loading a database-definition file with/without a DTD.

If you agree with me there's no need any more for the test
testColumnWithoutName() because it defaults to the DTD-Default VARCHAR


Tom Schindl wrote:
> Thomas Dudziak wrote:
>>On 4/21/06, Tom Schindl <tomatlinux@gmx.at> wrote:
>>>Well that's really interesting if you don't have a <!DOCTYPE>
>>>declaration in the source document but set the validation to true the
>>>entity resolver doesn't get called and you'll get a parsing exception.
>>>All test cases I've looked at don't have a <!DOCTYPE> in them and so the
>>>test are failing.
>>>I've now checked:
>>Sure, because how would the XML parser know against which DTD to
>>resolve without the DOCTYPE declaration ?
>>For the test cases we did not put in the DTD because that would only
>>make them slower. For me they are not failing however in Eclipse (not
>>even spitting out errors).
> Although that's reasonable there's a difference when you are loading a
> DTD or not because there are default-values provided by the DTD who are
> merged in automatically by the XML-Parser. Another problem is that even
> your testcases don't follow your own DTD e.g. TestDataReader.java
> defines an attribute defaultValue.

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