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From Thomas Dudziak <tom...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: svn commit: r365722 - /db/ddlutils/trunk/src/test/org/apache/ddlutils/io/ConstraintsTestBase.java
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 22:36:22 GMT
On 1/4/06, Martin van den Bemt <mllist@mvdb.net> wrote:

> > This might be useful for tests for the database alteration
> > functionality (which IMO we still have to provide though perhaps not
> > for the 1.0).
> This is the part I am very interested in and using most of the time actually :)

To expand on that a bit more:

I think we need (at least for after the 1.0) two more sets of tests:

(1) Database alteration.

Similar to the datatype/constraint tests, we start with a model and
create it in the database. Then we change the original model in one
aspect, e.g. add a column, or change the size of a column or whatever.
Then we ask the platform to alter the database and check what happens.
To make the tests database independent, it is probably useful to
compare the model read-back after the initial creation - adjusted
according to the intentioned change - with the model read-back after
the alteration. Or we could check the alteration SQL, though then the
tests are database specific.

(2) Reading and using of live databases.

Here we should create the database using database-specific SQL (e.g. a
test per native type as well as the constraints, default values etc.),
then read it back, check this model and perhaps also insert some stuff
and get it back (as the datatype tests do).

But honestly, I think we should do this after the 1.0 because this
looks like a lot of work ...

> No problem. Curious how much you can get running (currently have 18 failures and 3 errors)
on the
> datatypestest.

I just discovered that MySql returns a default value for columns
specified as not null, even if there was no default value spec.
Strange database ...


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