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From Andre Berten <andre.ber...@gmx.de>
Subject JDBC Type BIGINT in Firebird
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 18:16:05 GMT

i tried ddlutils with Firebird (2.0 Beta) today and found a bug in the 
BIGINT type conversion for Firebird (SVN from today). The jdbc type 
BIGINT is converted to the database type DECIMAL(38,0). Firebird does 
support DECIMAL (and NUMERIC) with a maximum precision of 18. 
NUMERIC(18,0) or DECIMAL(18,0) should work fine as a conversion of 
BIGINT. The NUMERIC and DECIMAL types did not change since InterBase 
6.0, so this should work for InterBase 6.0 too. Since Firebird 1.5 there 
is also the native BIGINT type.

I hope this helps.


André Berten

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