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From Martin van den Bemt <mll...@mvdb.net>
Subject Re: Todo/issues. to handle before release..
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 17:25:05 GMT
Hi Thomas,

Thomas Fischer wrote:
>>> The main question is: is it ok if enough PMC members vote yes even if
>>> they are not (active) committers of the project (but assuming that
>>> they actually checked the project). A lot of the DB comitters members
>>> have commit rights on DdlUtils, and some of them PMC members.
>> Ah ok.. forgot about that. Where is everyone ? ;)
>> *very loud ping* :)
> I'll definitely look into ddlutils if it is time to vote a release and 
> use my vote.

Good the hear..

> BTW, A ping just on the ddlutils-dev list is not a very loud ping IMHO :-).

Loud enough for the moment :). It also gives me an idea that people are reading/lurking on
what is happening here.. I got more response than I thought I was going to get, so it's looking
good :)

> With regard to use ddlutils in torque, this is a matter I wanted to look 
> into but did not find the time yet. (There are a lot if things on my 'I 
> should look into this' list, I'm afraid, definitely more than on my 
> christmas wish list ;-) ). Torque has a generator which does some of the 
> tasks which ddlutils do, and some that will not covered by ddlutils 
> (like automatic creation of Torque classes), so the generator will be 
> here to stay. But even the sql tasks would need to be looked into 
> carefully, to ensure that the results stay compatible, which is a lot of 
> work for all the different databases around. I hope I have time to look 
> into this further the next couple of weeks, and write a follow-up.

We all have the problem of finding some spare time indeed :)
I'll await your follow-up. Especially interesting area is where ddlutils is lacking compared
to Torque.


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