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From Thomas Dudziak <tom...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Failing tests testColumnConstraints + location integration / roundtrip tests
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 20:46:29 GMT
On 12/22/05, Martin van den Bemt <mllist@mvdb.net> wrote:

> All (if not almost) all tests are failing on testColumnConstraints.
> It expects an unquoted default value now (which seem to relate to your changes on defaultvalues)
> This is a line from one of the tests :

Yes, you're right. I'll fix that when I add some more tests later
today (doing a bit of OJB work at the moment).

> I also would like to move the integration type tests to another source directory, so
it is easier to seperate real unit tests from the one that depend on something external (esp
since most of them will always fail by default).
> I was thinking in the lines of src/iutest or src/dbtest.

My plan was to put all those tests into the package
org.apache.ddlutils.io, and add guards to check against which live
database the tests are currently being executed (if any). Thus, no
confiuration in the build file is necessary, tests not for the current
database simply won't be executed. And if no live database is
configured at all, none of these tests will be executed.
I wanted to put that in once I adapt the tests for Derby to another
database (probably Hsqldb or Axion) which should be at the weekend.


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