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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Todo/issues. to handle before release..
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 06:58:46 GMT

>> The main question is: is it ok if enough PMC members vote yes even if
>> they are not (active) committers of the project (but assuming that
>> they actually checked the project). A lot of the DB comitters members
>> have commit rights on DdlUtils, and some of them PMC members.

> Ah ok.. forgot about that. Where is everyone ? ;)
> *very loud ping* :)

I was told that I have commit rights to ddlutils back when it was created, 
but given that I have no good overview of the project I have not used them 
and will probably not use them in the near future, because there is a big 
chance that I'll break things without me noticing. But I'll definitely 
look into ddlutils if it is time to vote a release and use my vote.

BTW, A ping just on the ddlutils-dev list is not a very loud ping IMHO 

With regard to use ddlutils in torque, this is a matter I wanted to look 
into but did not find the time yet. (There are a lot if things on my 'I 
should look into this' list, I'm afraid, definitely more than on my 
christmas wish list ;-) ). Torque has a generator which does some of the 
tasks which ddlutils do, and some that will not covered by ddlutils (like 
automatic creation of Torque classes), so the generator will be here to 
stay. But even the sql tasks would need to be looked into carefully, to 
ensure that the results stay compatible, which is a lot of work for all 
the different databases around. I hope I have time to look into this 
further the next couple of weeks, and write a follow-up.


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