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From Martin van den Bemt <mll...@mvdb.net>
Subject Re: VMWare database test image..
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 17:35:46 GMT
Oracle 9.2 seems to be a big nono here. Nothing but trouble installing that beast (2.3 gig).
else can cover that or have any idea on how to install a minimum (light) version of the 9.2
? (tried personal edition 9.2).
On another note, I don't think we (ehh I, cannot speak for others in this case) should do
much work 
to support Axion. It's been a while that they had a release (2003, which was not a final one)
the move they were preparing to apache never took place / is taking forever. Should I check
Geir / Jason van Zyl to see what the status is of Axion ?


Martin van den Bemt wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Currently finishing on the installation of several databases. Here is 
> the list of currently installed db's (platform : windows 2000, runnig in 
> Vmware player under linux, for speed) :
> Mysql 4.1.13
> Mysql 5.0.15
> MaxDb
> DB2 V 8.22 Personal Edition
> Oracle XE Beta
> Sybase Adpative Server Enterprise Suite 12.5.2 GA Developer Edition
> Sql server 2000
> Sql server 2005
> Still to todo :
> Oracle 9.2
> Derby
> HsqlDb
> AxionDb
> Firebird/Interbase
> Mckoi
> PostgreSQL
> If anyone can think of other databases, let me know :)
> All installations are as much as possible using the default settings (so 
> without any "tweaking" from me. Where available I installed the demo 
> databases too, so we have some reference material for roundtrip testing.
> I will add my setups for testing to the subversion profiles/mvdb folder 
> and we can see from there if we can generalise things if needed. I am 
> not yet at this stage, so for now no commits in that area.
> Mvgr,
> martin

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