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From Martin van den Bemt <mll...@mvdb.net>
Subject Re: TestDatabaseIO
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 21:33:11 GMT
>>>And what should the shortcut do if there is more than one ? Throw an exception
>>Just return the first :) We'll leave it as is then :)
> Mhmm, I'm not sure I like that because it leaves the impression that
> there is only one. Perhaps if the method is called
> getSingleAutoIncrementColumn or somesuch, but I think it should throw
> an exception if there is more than one.

I meant, I will not add the singleColumn() which just returns the first column..

>>>Ok! Unfortunately I'm busy 'til the 18th because I have to prepare my
>>>tutorial for ApacheCon US, so I cannot be of much help, only a bit
>>>here and there.
>>Cool. For Ddlutils or something different ?
> Well, not exactly. I'm doing the "How to Unit Test the User Interface
> of Web Applications"
> (http://apachecon.com/2005/US/html/sessions.html/e=MjAwNS9VUw#1485)
> tutorial and the "Java-XML Binding Approaches at Apache" talk
> (http://apachecon.com/2005/US/html/sessions.html/e=MjAwNS9VUw#1587,
> though that one is finished already).
> In the tutorial I will use DdlUtils to help in the unit tests though,
> so a bit of public appearance will be there :-)

Ah ok, a public appearance will be nice indeed.. When ddlutils is near a release, i'll try
to submit 
an article for the dutch javamagazine (it's a magazine on paper) to get some exposure. Speaking
of a 
release, maybe we should add the todo's to jira, so we can set a roadmap to version 1 ?


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