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From Martin van den Bemt <mll...@mvdb.net>
Subject TestDatabaseIO
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 20:36:40 GMT
Hi Tom,

Just was running the tests, and the test are failing (you probably noticed).
The main thing is that it is failing on getAutoIncrementColumn().

The following issues come to mind :

- Rename getAutoIncrementColumn() to getAutoIncrementColumns() for clarity.
- There are assertNull checks, but the method never returns null, it will at least return
an empty 
column array. Does this need to return null, or should I change the test to expect an empty
array ? 
(I am guessing the latter since current code has no null checks)
Also javadoc needs to mention what it returns when no columns are there.
- Maybe we need to add a shortcut for getAutoIncrementColumn(), since (most if not a lot of)

databases only allow one increment column anyway (we can just add a note to the javadoc that
it is 
safer to use getAutoIncrementColumns()).

So will be doing some work on DatabaseIO and DatabaseIOTest..

BTW can you send a mail to ddutils-dev-allow-subscribe-mvdb=apache.org@db.apache.org ? (Unless
aren't a moderator, than it doesn't do anything..). This way my commit mails come through
to the 

Will be checking in again with you if I am not sure what you had in mind..


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